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The outcome

Design sprint successfully completed. CombiTherm has a completely new and well-founded way of working to create and validate new business ideas. In addition, the company has also defined and made 3 simple and varying prototypes of solutions for a new customer need.

Subsequently, one of the prototypes has been refined into a functional prototype used for customer demonstration.

The background

The background for the process was, CombiTherm wanted to initiate a short-term and targeted development process, a Designsprint, which did not draw too many resources out of the operating organization, but at the same time created a concrete result in the form of a new prototype that could be presented to customers.

Based on the result, CombiTherm was also able to make a deeper technical investigation as well as Business Case calculation.

The process

In collaboration with a selected group of internal employees and a few external knowledgeable people, as well as a customer representative, Innohow facilitated a Sprint course based on the Google Sprint methodology.


During the Sprint process, the customer's challenge was analyzed, Key Customer Pains were identified and new solution proposals incl. technical sparring was created. Thereafter, manufacturing time was set aside in production to produce 3 prototypes, which were later presented to management and subsequently to customers.

Subsequently, the company has validated the 3 prototypes with customer feedback, selected the most promising product idea and created a functional product prototype that has shown promising buying interest from customers.


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