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The outcome

Danfoss Refrigeration today has an optimized product solution that was named Best Product Innovation in the North American market. A solution that is far more customized, flexible and at the same time halved the number of components. The project group reduced the development time in the concept phase due to Innohow's innovation process.

The background

Danfoss Refrigeration wanted to get new approaches to the problem in the project's start-up phase. The project manager needed fresh ideas and a new view of the issue without requiring too many external resources.

The process

Innohow conducted an innovation workshop with subsequent follow-up and sparring for the project manager. The innovation workshop created a solid working basis for the project group, which reduced the development time by months. The subsequent sparring was focused on creating internal support from sales and production to the best solution concepts, so that the finally chosen solution was well known to the organization before the production maturation and Go-To-Market work began.


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