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The outcome

Implementation of the training course - DONG ENERGY CREATORS - for project managers in the technology development division. Each project manager was given extra momentum in their own project and at the same time a better communication method was created for idea development, meeting structure and involvement of each other's professional competencies so that the innovation culture could be strengthened. Innohow's idea development tools have since been rolled out in several departments.

The background

The management of Teknology Development, Dong Energy Power wanted to strengthen project managers and project employees idea development competencies and at the same time introduce some project tools that could better structure and manage problem solving. More focus should be placed on better exchange of experience, interdisciplinary involvement and problem solving as the complexity of projects increased.

The process

Innohow developed a targeted training course - DONG ENERGY CREATORS - where the technological projects were the focal point for competence development. The training course included both joint days, supervision, master class, periodic status reporting to management and implementation of own innovation workshops. All project managers needed a common idea toolbox.



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