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Fedex Days
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The outcome
A successful completion of the 24 hour FedEx event

Nextway successfully completed their 24 hour FedEx event to the great satisfaction of employees and management. The event strengthens the common spirit in Nextway and is used to focus on innovation. At the same time got Nextway  developed 8 new concrete proposals for new products, new services and new internal process improvements.

The background
More focus on user-centered innovation

The background for the task was that Nextway had completed FedEx days the year before, but this time they wanted to involve Innohow as a sparring partner and facilitator to put more focus on user-centric innovation.

FedEx days is a 24 hour compressed innovation course from Thursday to Friday and is for the employees of Nextway.

The process
Planning and facilitation

Innohow participated in the planning of the FedEx course as well as facilitating the innovation work in the groups during the FedEx event. Innohow prepared a framework with an accompanying guide which the participants used to prepare each group's work focus prior to the event.

For the event itself, Innohow had developed a set of method cards to support the individual groups to keep an overview and focus on user-centered innovation methods throughout the process. In addition, two of our consultants attended the first day of the event to facilitate and spar with the groups. And Innohow helped find external judges to present and evaluate each group's performance.


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