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The long-term effects

Back in 2014, we had a collaboration with Skamol, where we developed an innovation course under the name “Skamol Innovation Project”. Now we have been so lucky to get a follow-up interview with Jørgen Mikkelsen, VP. Through this interview, it is made clear that our sod from 2014 is cemented as part of their ongoing workflow, project management and innovation work.

Watch the video by clicking on the image with the ‘play button’.

The outcome
A strengthening of the culture of innovation

The benefit for Skamol has been a strengthening of the innovation culture across the departments in the organization, better employees and the implementation of a new innovation model with associated tools. Skamol's pipeline of new promising products has been strengthened and the company is well on its way to meeting their growth target.

The background
A new growth strategy has been defined

The background for the project was that the top management had defined a new growth strategy, in which 15% of the future revenue in 2017 will come from completely new products, which Skamol has not yet identified. The management will increase the innovative efforts, intensify the activities in the development work and strengthen the interaction with the customers.

The process
A 2-year course with many sub-projects and activities

The course has lasted approx. 2 years, where Innohow has been associated as an innovation consultant and participated in the implementation of many sub-projects as well as activities in connection with the overall project. Skamol Innovation Project.

At the beginning of the project, the focus was on analyzing and clarifying the company's current innovation competencies and level, as well as mapping the challenges that had to be overcome to lift the company.

In the next phase, Innohow participated both as a project partner for the steering group, which had the overall responsibility for that project and its sub-projects, and as a development resource for product developers for e.g. market research, business case descriptions, co-creation workshops, etc.

Later, Skamol and Innohow developed a new practice-oriented innovation model, with associated templates, as a project tool for all ongoing and new product development projects.


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