About Innohow

We are passionated about innovation and creativity, and we are driven by the joy of helping our customers find new paths to change.

"Transforming knowledge about creativity and innovation into something concrete and manageable that can be applied in practice"

Since Innohow started on 1 February 2003, we have worked on the basis of a philosophy of “transforming knowledge about creativity and innovation into something concrete and manageable that can be used in practice”.

Over the years, we have grown in the number of employees and customers, and today we offer a wide range of services within our consulting area innovation.

Our employees have several years of experience with innovation and our individual backgrounds are a combination of different competencies within psychology, engineering, business development, management, strategy, marketing, innovation, creativity, etc.

Why Innohow?

At Innohow, we are passionate about training and developing the innovative muscle in the company. We are concerned with the people who work with development in the practical area and how we can promote their innovative forces. We believe that innovation must be integrated into everyday drum space in order for it to create the value that helps to ensure our customers' relevance in the future.

How do we work?

At Innohow, we make a virtue of creating innovation in collaboration with our customers, who are first and foremost adapted to their specific context. We plan and facilitate the process so that our customers can dedicate their focus to solving the challenge within the best possible framework.

What do we do?

We plan and carry out activities that make innovation happen - whether it is products, processes or plans, we have the competencies and methods. We make tailored processes based on methods within Systematic Innovation & Design Thinking.

This is why our customers choose us as a partner

Product video (Danish)
Listen to Søren explain how we work and how we help our customers