User-driven innovation

Planning, managing and following up an user-driven innovation process

At the heart of all products and services is a group of users who must interpret and apply these in an everyday context. We work methodically to gain insight into users' needs, test solutions with them. At the same time, we use the insight to refine and structure your business model so that it matches the world of the users.

Method examples

Method 1

Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas is an excellent tool when designing a new service or mapping the company's existing business model.


Method 2

Customer Journey Map

Customer Journey Map is a great way to map your users' interaction with your services and can lead to important insights. These insights can help you to optimize the experience of your services 

Method 3


A well-defined and described persona acts as a stand-in for the actual user in the design of your innovations. It ensures that your solutions always seek to match the user's needs, so that they are not forgotten when you immerse yourself in the development of your concepts.

Method 4

Cultural Issues Map

This tool is used as a collection tool to map issues related to the innovation culture in the company. Often as an end product of internal studies and workshops and with the aim of improving the innovative muscle in the company.

Method 5

Stakeholder Map

An effective tool for mapping all primary and secondary stakeholders for your project or planned change. It can be especially useful if you are going to start a new product or service and therefore would like input from several places, but are not quite sure ‘who’ and ‘what’.

Method 6

Insights Mapping

Insights Mapping is a process where input from various resources and data sources is summarized in short insights, which sets a better framework for an informed and qualified solution process.

Selected cases

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