The right activities are at the heart of your innovation

In order to achieve one's desired goals for an innovation process, it is important to design the process with the right activities that identify the possibilities, nuanced the problem and shape the solution with the best possible value for the end user. We design both solutions for the focused working day and for the shorter project processes, so you get the maximum benefit out of the process with your working group.

Method examples

Method 1


A roadmap can be one of several concrete outputs from a process, where the goal is partly to coordinate activities over a longer course (eg a development process or a new strategy plan) and partly to communicate this plan to colleagues, so that everyone is involved.

Method 2

Double Diamond

Double Diamond forms the framework for many of our innovation processes, and it helps us get to the heart of a problem before we think in solutions.

Method 3

Design Sprint

The sprint model can be used for short development courses, where the focus is on solving relatively more well-defined innovation challenges with a short deadline.

Method 4

Future Trend Map

Future Trend Map paints an excellent picture of future technologies and trends, which are categorized by time horizon and probability. It is suitable e.g. to companies that are going to make a major reorganization or development in their product / service portfolio and need to illustrate the future.

Method 5

Cluster Analysis

Cluster analysis is most often used as a collection tool from workshops or work meetings where several different topics have been discussed. The result will often be a more general overview, an analysis of the themes and a highlighting of key points.

Method 6

Experiment Board

Experiment Board, is a tangible tool for companies that are ready to test a few selected ideas or concepts in practice and thus get a feedback loop.

Selected cases

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