Organisatorisk innovation

The art of getting innovation right into the core of your organization

Many of our customers who demand Organizational Innovation have often tried to implement innovation initiatives themselves, but with varying results. At Innohow, we specialize in putting in the right places, developing methods, models and strategies in collaboration with a working group, and delivering a tailored solution.

Method examples

Method 1

The DNA of the innovator

An innovative mindset is something that must, and can be trained if you want to succeed with innovation and create better business opportunities. 

At Innohow, it is a key issue for us that the employees get experiences and tools that help to create an innovative mindset that can drive development after the collaboration with us.

Method 2

4 Types of Innovation​

4 Types of Innovation is an excellent model when it comes to identifying the focus of innovation. Through a dialogue with customers and in the organization, we get the answer to whether the problem is well defined or not, as well as whether the innovation challenge lies within the customer's or our professional domain or not. 

Thus, we determine which of the 4 types of innovation we should focus on in relation to the innovation process we are facing.

Method 3

Tech Radar​

A Tech Radar is the culmination of a major piece of research work, where we in collaboration with your organization have identified a number of technologies that could have business potential for your company now and in the future. 

The goal is to systematize knowledge about these technologies; its potential for us, where is the development now; potential suppliers; maturity to use the technology etc. 

A solid tool for strategic work and as a starting point for new projects.

Method 4

Cultural Scenarios

The scenario model presented here is a scalable model where ambition and maturity dictate the content of each scenario. It is particularly suitable as a strategic tool, where you can start with small successes from scenario 1 and build on them with parts from number 2 and 3.

Method 5

Innovation Measurement

A super exercise where people across the organization help to create an image of the overall innovation performance by relating to a lot of innovation statements. Particularly suitable for identifying the biggest challenges that require a solution.

Method 6

Implementation plan

A visual planning tool that helps break down big goals into smaller sub-goals and associated actions to achieve these. A good management tool for organizations for how to realize initiatives without having to make a heavy and detailed plan.

Selected cases

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