We help you implement the right innovation activities


We design and facilitate innovation in projects and workshops to create new products, processes and plans that create value in both everyday life and the future. Read more about our innovation activities and processes.

User-driven innovation

We help you become wiser about the needs of the users, whether it is customers, employees or others, so you can figure out the right solution to your challenges.

Organizational innovation

We have more than 15 years of experience in creating concrete innovation results that ensure your good thoughts and ideas are translated into concrete actions and processes through professional facilitation and follow-up.


Case: Skamol

The benefit for Skamol has been a strengthening of the innovation culture across the departments in the organization, better employees and the implementation of a new innovation model with associated tools. Skamol's pipeline of new promising products has been strengthened and the company is well on its way to meeting their growth target.

Case: Nextway Software

The 24 hour FedEX event was a success that created great satisfaction of employees and management. The event strengthens the common spirit in Nextway Nextway and is used to focus on new thinking and innovation. At the same time dit Nextway it result in 8 new concrete product suggestions. 

Case for Daghjemmet Brandlundparken

In addition to a new mindset among the staff, the result of the process is a catalog of development and improvement proposals as well as a development poster that will support a change process in the day care center.

The project has created several significant insights, which have led to positive changes. For example, it has become clear through the project that all employees agreed that a daycare center must be a place where one must thrive, have successful experiences and receive help to make everyday life easier.

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